Casual Purple Tutu (…as casual as a tutu can be)

This outfit was photographed by the amazing @tracey_mammolito in San Francisco.

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my tiny corner of the Internet.

It is only Thursday, but this was already a busy week full of… well, busy things (sorry, this sentence did NOT go as planned.)

I am dying to take the longest nap in the history of naps, and then waking up to a gallon of bubble tea with french fries. Oh wait- I can’t do that, I quit eating carbs 4 months ago (that was a miserable life choice by the way- I mean yeah, I am healthier and all but I am still wondering whether a world with no fried plantain is worth living in, and I reconsider all my life choices EVERY TIME I see chocolate.) So, all I am really saying is that I could eat cheese after my imaginary nap, not fries. 🍟 Light purple tutu and crop top, tutu, lavender tutu, curly hair

Anyway- yes, I am fully aware of how juvenile this outfit looks, and yes I still wore it and will likely wear it again. I actually wore this tutu to work, not once but twice (paired with a tee both times), and got nothing but compliments on my sartorial choices- well- except from that one guy in the Tenderloin (a dicey-ish part of San Francisco). I wanted to add a petticoat underneath the skirt to make the tutu poof even more, but my husband told me to pump the brakes. Clearly, he is the reasonable one in this relationship. 😁 Light purple tutu and crop top, tutu, lavender tutu, curly hair

To tell you the truth, this look is less about a tutu than it is about pushing past one’s comfort zone. I am not asking you all to wear yards of tulle to work tomorrow (especially if you are a banker or something- no bueno), but it is fun to try something unique every once in a while. While bold, this item of clothing was also non threatening enough that I could feel comfortable wearing it among co-workers; I find it fun to play with pieces like that from time to time, and I often end up looking ridiculous, but whatever. At the end of the day- it’s just clothes, they can be returned or taken off. Light purple tutu and crop top, tutu, lavender tutu, curly hair

Now, as far as why I even ended up with a tutu in the first place, I am not sure. What I’m sure of though, is that I had a good reason to buy this skirt. I vaguely remember wanting to wear it to a party, or coming across something on Pinterest that just made me believe that I needed a tutu in my life- either way, I remember seeing this purchase as a very reasonable one at the time.

When I got the skirt in the mail, I recall even thinking I wanted it to be more tutu-y, like this one; after some more thought, though, I do believe that my skirt is a little more versatile than a full blown tulle tutu. It also makes me look less like a cupcake, even though I am not strictly against looking like one- I mean, cupcakes need love too. I paired my skirt with a simple crop top (which is actually featured in my previous post too!), and I got both items from Amazon (I told you I hate shopping in person pretty much anywhere. My couch is where it’s at! ) Light purple tutu and crop top, tutu, lavender tutu, curly hairWhat I am wearing: Tutu: Amazon, here; Top: Amazon, here. Shoes: Aldo Caragna, here. Bag: Dilli Haat, Delhi. Choker: Zara- last season, available here. Bracelet: Alex and Ani Tree of life, sold out

If I was to shoot this look again, I would have paired this with a crop tee with cap sleeves or long sleeves, kinda like this one. I feel like the look would have somehow been more balanced that way. I may have also donned some pumps or more detailed heels.

Let’s get in the nitty gritty about each piece of clothing in this look:

The top: we discussed it in my previous post. I love it, best $17 ever spent. I bought a size L, and I have a 36″ bust. Wore it several times, washed it a couple of times- still holding up. I did find the straps to be too long; I had to fold them and stitch them up to tighten them an inch or so.

The skirt: Very cute, comes in several colors (this one is called “Lavender Blush”). I have a love/hate relationship with the waistband because it insists on giving me a muffin top (I mean I have a little one but it accentuates it), so tucking clothes in is a bit tricky. I also wish the bow had a little more oomph to it- it’s very flat. The skirt overall wears comfortably, is airy and looks nice paired with black (and denim).

The shoes: Aldo Caragna. Had them in Nude, loved them until their tragic passing due to my dog eating them. I bought them again in black (featured here), but I somehow don’t care for them as much as I did before; not sure why.

The bag: It is SO cute. I bought it in Dili Haat in Delhi, and clearly do not have a link for it. Here are a couple of somewhat similar options: here and here. I will post more if I can find closer alternatives. Light purple tutu and crop top, tutu, lavender tutu, curly hair

Sooo that’s it for today!

Remember: wear cool clothes that are a little silly sometimes; it makes life more fun.

See ya next time,


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    1. Thank you so much! OMG Carrie Bradshaw I did not even think about her, but that’s the type of thing she would indeed wear. Thanks for the compliments!

  1. You are too cute and I love that you do your own pictures! No better way to describe the outfit than to actually be in the outfit! I also love your nails omgeez. They made the whole outfit pop! Fab on a budget is the only way to be lol

    1. I am telling you- fab on a budget is the way to go! I was trying for the nails to be as nude as possible, so they would be polyvalent. Worked like a charm! <3 thanks again for stopping by.

    1. First of all I am sure you would SLAY it. Also thanks so much! It was a fun piece to wear, and I may even wear it tomorrow to work lol

        1. I’ll be the first one to like your picture!!!!! and then hype you up in the comments because I know it will be a slay!

    1. Hahaha thanks so much, you are the best! I cannot take credits for the background though (that was my photographer’s find!)

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