FALL 2017 Fashion Trends Inspiration: Burgundy velvet dress

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.

Fashionable humans! Wassup??? Hope your day is going great and the sun is shining bright! (metaphorically only, I know it’s fall 😂.)

So let’s be honest for a minute: that fall trends series is NOT going great. I was positive I would be able to put out 1-2 Fall trends related posts weekly, but so far I have fallen woefully short of that. Actually, I have only published ONE  Fall Trends post, and it was a month ago. 😪 I am ashamed.

But you know- Fall is not over until December 21st (I had to Google that), so let’s pick ourselves off the floor and put out a couple more good posts until then, yes? I promise I will do better. I will try. Okay fine, I ain’t promising shit, but I will honestly give it my best effort.

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.What I am wearing: Dress, here; shoes, here; jacket, here. Rings: my own, mostly gifts. String bracelet, Alex and Ani, featuring Tree of Life charm

This post right here will combine two trends I have been loving: velvet and red! It is not news to anyone who has ever stopped by this blog that I do not mess around with my love for red and black. (I have a whole section dedicated to those two colors, for crying out loud.) Therefore, when Burgundy and bright red starred like crazy on NYFW 2017 runways in September, I thought “Yes gawd 🙌🏿”. I am just lowkey mad that I posted my Monochromatic red collab with @Dorothy.Abigail before NYFW- it would have honestly been perfect for fall, especially with her burgundy take on it.

As far as velvet is concerned, it has just been steadily killing it for a year or so. Did you ever imagine that fabric would be the fashion comeback of the decade? I mean, after VELOUR TRACKSUITS happened, I thought velvet was toast until perhaps 2025.

Whatever happened to Ja Rule?

However, here we are in 2017, and one can’t scroll through any Instagram boutique worth their salt without being assaulted by all kinds of velvet bodysuits, velvet dresses, velvet tops, velvet chokers or velvet booties. While this trend can be overwhelming, I honestly think that velvet is a fun fabric to wear; it looks awesome when paired with other textures, or even on its own.

“Where were red and velvet featured on runways at NYFW”, you ask?

My answer: Where weren’t they?

See Pictures below(Pics courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, WWD.com and Elle Fashion)


Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet. Picture courtesy of WWD/ Rodin Bianca.
Monse RTW Fall 2017
Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet. Picture courtesy of Elle.
Various Fall 2017 NYFW
Designers are still crushing on velvet, but this season they’re cutting designs from the rich fabric for jewel-tone formalwear. Keep this in mind when dressing for a fall wedding.
Justine Carreon, ELLE Magazine.
Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet. Picture courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
The Row, NYFW 2017
Max Mara, NYFW 2017


Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet. Picture courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
Jill Sander, NYFW 2017

I will note that the floral velvet trend is also super hot. I am not sure whether I am 100% on board with that one yet (seems hard to style without looking like your grandma’s couch) but I will let you know whether I come around. I have seen many a fashionista rock the shit out of it; however, according to (my uncles in my head) Tom and Lorenzo, these girls are what you call “Ph.D. level dressers”. I am in grade school.

So overall- what do you guys feel about velvet? Has it earned its spot in your closet, or is it only material for tacky throw pillows in your book? Let me know in the comments!

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.

On to the outfit!

The dress I am featuring here was actually bought last year for a Christmas party, and I ended up wearing it for NYE. I grabbed it for… wait for it… less than $20. Yep. It is a simple burgundy velvet midi dress with a strapless sweetheart neckline, some ruching and a slit on the side. (That’s a whole lotta adjectives so maybe it’s not as simple as I thought.) I am wearing a size XL , and my waist and hip measurements are 29.5″ /44″.

I’ll admit that my styling here was a tad simplistic (this was my third ever photo shoot, and my first one with Rachel, so I was still a ball of nerves). I would love to revisit this dress with a white shirt underneath (EFFING BONUS if I can find one with bishop sleeves), some dark tights, a corset belt and maybe some heels or boots for the office. That would be cute, right?

Tangent: I have been loving this approach of layering party tops on top of more conservative ones for daytime looks. Gotta wear them going out clothes, they can’t just sit around in closets waiting for parties and shit. They need to earn their keep.

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.

The shoes: basic ass sandals from Amazon. They run large and I missed the return window so I am stuck with them. Size notwithstanding, they are cute and would make decent office shoes for warmer months. At the moment, I only wear them to go places I know I won’t walk a lot– they look nice when I’m sitting down so ya know 😂.

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.

The jacket: the Classic Levi’s trucker jacket, purchased from Amazon in June. One of my best purchases to date- I wear this shit everywhere. This is a size L and the color is Belle Blue (I have a 16.5″ shoulder measurement and a 36″ bust measurement for your reference.) It fits great, has no embellishments or drama, and is a solid basic jacket to throw on top of any outfit for warmth or to dress it down a little.

I am excited to style more velvet looks. I got a copper-colored skirt and I have no idea what to pair it with, but I am hopeful I’ll find something.


That’s all I have for y’all today, short and sweet post! As always, I appreciate the support here and on Facebook and Instagram; thanks so much for engaging with me and following my blog!

Blogger @Dafrastar sharing Fall 2017 trends, namely velvet and red.


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  1. Great dress! I’ve yet to try velvet since its comeback (pretty sure velvet and babies don’t mix), but I really wish I could. I’ve always loved it. And I know what you mean about the going out clothes. I’m starting to resent them because they just sit in my closet making it look like I have tons to wear. I have 8 cocktail dresses and I never go anywhere.

  2. This dress fits you soo good! It’s actually cold where I am located so I have been wearing layers!!

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