Fashion: Mixing Textures for Fun Outfits

Blogger @Dafrastar discusses mixing textures to achieve polished looks.

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This post is the first one in a new series I am trying out for my editorial calendar. It is much lighter than my usual soul-searching monologues and simply focuses on fashions trend I feel like examining a bit closer.

I hope for these posts to be as fun for you guys as the other posts on my blog, if not more! Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Blogger @Dafrastar discusses mixing textures to achieve polished looks.
Fringe, Cotton and Leather

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Mixing Textures: Why?

Today, the topic I feel like yapping about is texture in an outfit; more specifically, how mixing different textures in a single look can lead to something dope.

Putting together an outfit can be as simple or as complicated as you make it, really. While I personally tend to err on the simpler side for everyday wear, I do enjoy the occasional sass of a well-crafted look with interesting elements. A shortcut to that sartorial promised land is juxtaposing interesting and unexpected textures to create something visually appealing.

There are tons of reasons why mixing things up is clever, but I will zero in on a few below.

Blogger @Dafrastar discusses mixing textures to achieve polished looks.
Eyelet, Spandex, Pleather and Lace

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Texture Mixing automatically upgrades outfits.

Anything becomes more interesting with a cool texture, and clothes are no exception.  Mixing things up makes looks more eye-catching and richer; it immediately looks like the wearer put lots of work into it (which is usually the goal, for me at least). As an example, pairing leather pants with a fur coat makes a statement. It departs from boring hum-drum fashion and immediately becomes noteworthy, fun, appealing and “haute”. The all-black look above is much cooler because of the neighboring strips of leather and lace.


Blogger @Dafrastar discusses mixing textures to achieve polished looks.
Net, Lace and Bodycon

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 There is more opportunity to use transitional pieces. 

Spring is upon us, and brighter colors are about to make their 2018 debut after hibernating for a few months. That said, the (chilly AF) temperatures still call for warmer pieces, even though we are all ready to be rocking lilac and shit. This is a great time to pair heavier winter fabrics (like suede or wool) with lighter and brighter summery fabrics like light cotton or silk. A fun printed dress can be paired with a great jacket and warm boots to create the perfect mixture of stylish and sensible (cause frostbite ain’t your friend). I paired a fun coat with a mini above, but honestly—that coat was protecting no one from the cold, let’s be real.


Ankara fabric, Cotton and Lace

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Mixing textures allows one’s style to shine through an otherwise standard look

Do you have a signature style? (if not, these steps can help you find yours btw.) Do you have items that just scream “you”, like layered scarves or fun colored tights? If so, adding something unexpected but still YOU to an outfit will add a fun new texture while putting your stamp on an outfit (in my case, I added a lace bralet to the look above to make it sassier and truer to my sophisti-ratchet style😁).

Dafrastar wearing a red monochromatic look from Zara (top and skirt) with Steve Madden shoes and a pear encrusted clutch. |red outfit| red outfit inspiration| monochromatic look| summer fashion inspiration|
Satin, Knit and Leather

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Mixing Textures is key for a killer for a monochromatic look

I am not saying that monochromatic looks have to be mixed in texture, but I am definitely saying that it makes them more interesting. Ashleigh from The Daileigh wrote a book on monochromatic dressing, and texture plays a big role in nailing a good monochromatic look! See, I know what I am talking about! The red look above is one of my favorite of all time, and the mix of knit and satin make it so fun! See one of her monochromatic looks below:

More cool examples of fun texture mixing:


Cool tights+ denim mix via xoxox_natalie

@Oliviaculpo rocking a poplin blouse, organza skirt and sheer tights

Marci Mason aka @greychampagne looking glorious in various textures and colors

Aileen aka @balleronabudget rocking transitional pieces with a light dress:

@theyusufs: these sisters are Ph.D. level dressers, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.


@torontoshay rocking sequins and fringe. Great minds 😋

@shantelrousseau rocking a fun mix of texture and patterns

Last but not least, my girl Rita aka @styled_into_fashion. Her whole feed is a succession of carefully put together outfits with the richest textures. Check her out!


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