It’s Sunday, so I want to take a break from scheduled posts today.
@mayasworld is one of my favorite YTers. Her story is very inspiring, and if -like me- you’ve followed her for years, you know she’s raw, honest and just open.
Her #shameless journey is inspiring; in a short few years, she re-invented herself, started promoting her work a lot, crashed #NYFW, built a business, landed countless brand collabs and is just LIVING HER LIFE. She’s the embodiment of the quote “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
This is her #shamelessmanifesto , where she urges people to be open to the possibilities of life- given they shed their fears and commit to working hard. I got a copy and filled it out with my little dreams. ·
It’s worth noting that I taped it on top of a Disney Princess portrait; it’s fitting because princesses need saving (unless of course you are Moana, Elsa or Tiana) and that the #shameless attitude makes me think instead : “Eff that shit, I got this.”
#doyouboo #beshameless ♥️♥️♥️

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