About Dafrastar: Who am I?

@dafrastar About Me

Hi Everyone! I am Dafra.

I am a Burkina Faso transplant currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love sushi, fried plantains, red lipstick, dark wash skinny jeans and Harry Potter (not in that order :D).

I strive to kick fear and complacency in the butt every day. Some days, that means no sweetener in my tea; other days, that means starting Dafrastar. While I am not shy, it took a lot of courage for me to create this platform, and while I could not be prouder of it, I still have mini panic attacks when I hit the “Publish” button.

Fashion and beauty have always been a large part of my life; this website is to share my little style adventures with the world, while being lucky enough to cross paths with extraordinary people- you guys. I am very grateful for your time, attention and comments.

So happy reading and please drop me a note if you want to! Thanks again.

P.S: My mom came up with the name Dafrastar.